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For every mom that is out there wondering how you can help your  ADHD child, here is another thought.

This might not apply to kids who are ahead in their reading abilities compared to their peers. For those moms, my only piece of advice is to find out if their child is challenged enough in the class. “GIFTED” is a unique word in the english language that likes to hide itself and need an expert eye to spot it.

While this might not be true for a lot of children, I noticed that this seems to be a contributing factor in keeping him focused in class. My son is a highly energetic kid who has pretty much every symptom of ADHD that you can think of and have finally made up my mind that medicaiton is not for him. It was a tough choice but my heart felt that it was the right thing to do.

I recently met a Occupational therapist who casually asked me how my son’s reading was and how his grip was? How does he copy the words in school? Does he do letter by letter or word by word? This got me thinking. I started paying serious attention to how he was reading and what are some of the pain points.

a. Never voluntarily picked a book and read it.

b.  Looks for a pattern to see the beginning and end letter and utters the word rather than seeing what the word is.

c.   Words read more based on memory and pattern recognition.

d.  Loses his place constantly.

e.   Most exams with long questoins will be skipped. Creative writing will not be his cup of tea.

f.     Reading and understanding what he read don’t necessarily sync up.

g.    Handwriting is definitely a piece of abstract art.

Reading a paragraph, Understanding and articulating it are essentially three items that these kids seems to struggle with. Using the 5 horsemen of describing USING HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND WHO  are alien concepts that will come in bits and pieces that I will end up finishing the story.

I thought about it and wondered if this was causing frustration in the class and that leads to distracting the kids in the class and not focusing etc. Since I wrote this article, I have learned more about symptoms a-f and an entire article is dedicated to it. However, let’s talk about the writing.

I have signed him now with a special ed teacher who works only with him for an hour. The focus is to change the grip on his hand for better handwriting.  Kids with ADHD seem to thrive well with the individual attention and with a lot of encouragement, I am sure it is an area that can be improved and will definitely lead to higher self-esteem.

How is he holding the pencil?  That can cause a lot of frustration for the kids because it slows them down and they are not able to keep up with the class.

One aspect of this therapy that has helped him a lot is the use of Pencil Grippers. You can find them in several stores or purchase it online. Please talk to your therapist to figure out which kind of gripper to use. I found one cool OT mommy who explained in simple terms.

I have bought a few of these and the links to those that I bought are enclosed in

The correct grip should be as follows as shown in the link below.

My son hates it ofcourse and he wants me to send him to a massage therapist to just massage his fingers or he comes up with the theory that he will use voice recognition to directly type by recording his voice and that this is really a waste of time..Always amazed at the IQ of these kids!!!






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